What is Reconstructive Ankle Surgery?

Your feet and ankles are remarkably complex parts of the body. There are several bones, ligaments, muscles, and more which allow you to ambulate through your daily routine. But, these natural wonders don’t always get through the day unharmed. In fact, you might experience an injury which requires reconstructive ankle surgery.

What is Reconstructive Ankle Surgery?

So, what exactly is reconstructive ankle surgery? Well, it literally means what it states — reconstruction of the ankle through a surgical procedure. Simply put, reconstructive ankle surgery is done to restore the natural appearance and function of your foot and ankle.

Reconstructive ankle surgery is done to correct different conditions. For instance, reconstructive ankle surgery might be required to treat a birth defect. Or, to correct a problem caused by a disease. It’s also a good solution for certain foot disorders.

The surgery is done with precision instruments and through a minimally invasive technique. Patients who need reconstructive ankle surgery can expect minimal trauma to surrounding parts of the foot and ankle. This procedure usually includes a short recovery period. And, it’s done to provide a greater range of motion. Another benefit is reconstructive ankle surgery reduces muscle atrophy.

After reconstructive ankle surgery, a patient should not actively use his or her foot for a period of a few weeks. Medications help to cope with pain and reduce or prevent inflammation. Patients also might require therapy to restore and/or improve their range of motion.

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