Bone fusion for the ankle is a surgical procedure. It’s performed on patients with worn out ankle joints. This leads to repeated pain in the foot. In the medical world, this is called “degenerative arthritis,” and as the term states, it only gets worse over time. To treat this, people undergo ankle fusion or what’s also known as “ankle arthrodesis.”

What is a Bone Fusion for the Ankle?

The most likely cause for needing a bone fusion of the ankle is due to a fracture. Typically, a person will incur a fracture or a break in the bone to one degree of severity to another. It might be a slight, slim fracture or one that’s far more pronounced. And, it can happen for a number of reasons. Athletes might suffer an ankle fracture, but it can happen to just about anyone at any time.

To better understand bone fusion for the ankle, it’s best to first know just how this part of the body works. The ankle is comprised of three bones. And, these help to form a hinge joint, not totally unlike the elbow.

When bone fusion for the ankle is necessary, it’s done through a common surgical procedure. First, the surgeon makes an incision to expose the joint. From there, the surgeon goes through a variety of steps in order to fuse the bones together. The procedure differs depending on the state of the ankle. Thereafter, the patient is typically fitted with a cast for a period of approximately 12 weeks.If you are in need of a Foot Doctor in Houston please contact us