Of all the parts of your body affected by smoking, the most surprising among them is your feet. That’s right, your feet are negatively impacted by smoking. Although, you probably never stopped to think about it — it’s nevertheless true — smoking actually hurts your feet.

Smoking can Hurt Your Feet

While you definitely know that smoking is bad for your lungs, throat, and mouth (including your gums and teeth), you might not guess smoking is bad for your extremities, particularly your feet — but it certainly is bad for your feet.

So, how does smoking, something that seemingly has nothing to do with your feet hurt them? The answer is incredibly simple — gravity. You see, oxygenated blood needs to circulate through your entire body. While your brain is just a short distance, as are your lungs, your hands are a different matter. Now, apply this simple principle to your feet — they are relatively speaking, a long, long ways away.

This means getting precious oxygenated blood from your heart and lungs to your feet is no simple matter, particularly if you sit most of the day. This albeit common but unhealthy behavior means you are at higher risk for peripheral arterial disease or PAD.

Peripheral arterial disease is a buildup of fat deposits and calcium in the arteries. And, since your feet are so far away, this can easily cause pain in your legs and feet. The longer you smoke, the more at-risk you are for getting the peripheral arterial disease. If you quit smoking, you help your feet and reduce the risk of getting PAD.