Proper Footwear and Foot Care while Playing Golf

The average golfer spends between four and six hours on the course. That’s a good chunk of the day and it’s a long time to be wearing golf shoes. Your feet can take a good bruising, if you don’t wear the right shoes. So, it’s important to know some helpful golf tips, which include proper footwear and foot care.

Golf Tips – Proper Footwear and Foot Care

Being on the links is a great experience. But wearing the wrong shoes can ruin it, causing you unnecessary discomfort and pain. What’s more, those problems will only last longer the more you wear the wrong golf shoes. Here are some useful proper footwear and foot care tips:

● Shop for golf shoes at the right time. Don’t go into the pro shop or sports equipment store at the beginning of the day. Instead, wait until the late afternoon, when your feet have completely expanded.
● Wear the same socks. When you go to buy golf footwear, take a pair of socks with you. Be sure to wear the same socks on the course.
● Try both shoes on your feet. Don’t forgo trying on both shoes. Try both shoes on and walk around the entire store.
● Soak your feet. After a day on the course, soak your feet to restore the circulation and to relax.
● Keep toenails trimmed. Always take care of your toenails to avoid problems like ingrown nails.

Another way to keep your feet feeling good is to go without shoes, when you are able. Your feet are naturals at taking you around the house, so let them do so in freedom. This will give your feet an opportunity to breathe. For help with Foot Doctors or Foot Health in the Houston area, please see us sy