One Common Foot Issue for Runners, and How to Avoid It

Metatarsalgia. It’s a big word and a scary one at that. What’s more, it’s particularly frightening to runners because it means big time trouble. So, what is metatarsalgia and more importantly, how do you avoid it?

One Common Foot Issue for Runners, and How to Avoid It

Metatarsalgia (pronounced met-uh-tahr-SAL-juh) is a condition that is defined by a pain on the ball of a foot. It generally inflames, more so after a period of running or jumping. Metatarsalgia, also known as a “stone bruise” is a bruise on the metatarsal or the ball of the foot. This condition isn’t usually serious unless you’re a runner.

Symptoms include a sharp or burning pain in the ball of the foot. The pain typically worsens when standing and more so when walking or running. You might also feel a shooting pain or experience a tingling sensation in your toes.

Most people who suffer from metatarsalgia describe as being like having a permanent pebble in the shoe.

The most frequent cause of metatarsalgia is overuse of the feet. So, if you are a runner, you’re a likely candidate to develop metatarsalgia.

To avoid getting metatarsalgia, you simply need to take long breaks in between runs. And, you should always stretch your feet. Be sure to take good care of your feet, cleaning them regularly And, always wear the right shoes. Additionally, if you begin to experience pain in the ball of your foot, take a break. Treat it with rest and ice to relieve the pain and help to avoid the condition from worsening.