Losing Weight Can Help Your Feet

Did you know that losing weight can actually help your feet? Now, you might stop to consider weight and the impact it has on your feet. After all, carrying more weight means more strain on your feet, right? Yes, it does, but that’s certainly not where it ends. Losing weight can help your feet in other ways that might surprise you.

Losing Weight can Help Your Feet

Let’s take a quick look at a remarkable statistic about a supposedly unremarkable thing — your feet. The average person takes almost six thousand steps each and every day. There are twenty-six bones in your feet, over one hundred muscles, and thirty three joints.

Now that you have a better understanding of how complex your feet really are, you should know the benefits of losing weight for your foot health. Here’s how losing weight helps your feet:

  • ● Reduces the risk of gout. Hard uric acid sounds ominous and it is just that. Gout is a condition which makes walking, even standing, painful.
  • ● Losing weight reduces your risk of diabetes. How does this affect your feet? Just ask any diabetic and they’ll tell you, if you are overweight you’re putting undue strain on your feet by carrying more weight and reducing blood flow to your feet.
  • ● Helps to ward off peripheral artery disease. Losing weight also helps your feet because it reduces the risk of P.A.D., a condition which causes plaque to build up — most often in the legs.

So, this is how losing weight can help benefit your feet.