Keeping Your Feet Looking Healthy

The average person takes about five thousands steps per day, which is equivalent to 2.5 miles. That’s a lot of walking and adds up to 17.5 miles per week and approximately 75 miles per month. With so much use, you need to take proactive steps to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy.

Keeping Your Feet Looking Healthy

You probably shower daily and brush your teeth twice a day. Likewise, you probably check your face, teeth, and body for problems. But, how often do you look at your feet? You should, though because your feet do a whole lot of work. To keep your feet looking healthy, do the following:

● Check your feet for any problems daily, such as sores, cuts, and more.
● When you shower or bathe, wash your feet in warm water with a gentle soap.
● Every day, you should apply lotion or you can opt to use cream. Also petroleum jelly is an acceptable substitution.

It’s a good idea to wear comfortable, well padded shoes with big toe boxes. Do not wear tight fitting shoes. Also, you should avoid wearing high heels and flats, as well.

Additionally, take the time to trim your toenails when needed to prevent the nails from growing right into your skin. After you carefully trim your toenails, be sure to smooth the ends and corners with a clean emory board.

Your feet do a lot of work each and every day. Take good care of them because you’ll need them to perform for many years to come. For help with Foot Doctors in Houston please contact us