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How to Spot a Quality Shoe for your Feet

How to Spot a Quality Shoe

Do you know how to spot a quality shoe? No, we’re not talking about the top name brands or the hot fad of the moment. We’re speaking about your normal, day to day wear (and even shoes for special occasions). The fact of the matter is, the average American walks about 2 ½ miles per day or approximately 5,000 steps. That means in a week, you walk 17.5 miles per week, or 70 miles per month, or 910 miles yearly. So, you should really know how to spot a quality shoe.

How to Spot a Quality Shoe

Let’s face it, shoes are utilitarian but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. If you want to have your cake and eat it too, you should know how to spot a good shoe to keep your feet, ankles, heels, and knees, in good, healthy condition. Here’s how to know when a shoe sports high quality:

  • Big toe box. Make no mistake about it, cramming your toes together is a very bad idea. You could develop hammer toe, which means a lot of unnecessary pain. Give your toes plenty of room to wiggle.
  • Plenty of padding for support. The arch or middle of a shoe should provide plenty of padding to give your feet, ankles, heels, and knees the necessary support.
  • Quality stitching and manufacturing. Of course, cheap shoes usually look cheaply made. So, stay away from poor quality.
  • Lining in the heel cuff area. Lastly, the lining of the cuff in the heel area should comfort your heels to make them a good fit and for a pleasant walking experience.