How to Fix Flat Feet
Having flat feet means that you don’t have natural arches and as a result, the entire bottom of your feet undergo stress daily. This leads to pain in the heels and arches, causing ankle swelling, as well as pain in the calves, hips, knees, and legs. So, people with this condition should know how to fix flat feet:

How to Fix Flat Feet

There’s no question, living with flat feet is an unpleasant and sometimes painful experience. But, you can do something about your flat foot problem. Here are some helpful ways to fix flat feet:

? Exercise your feet. Some simple calisthenics are often a good way to prevent and relieve pain resulting from flat feet. Just a bit of stretching, massaging, and exercise do wonders.
? Wear better shoes. Of course, wearing the right shoes is another way to prevent and relieve flat foot pain. Wearing the wrong shoes will only worsen problems.
? Try custom orthotics. Wearing custom orthotics helps to contour your feet to alleviate pain and improve your quality of life. You can get custom orthotics from a podiatrist which are based on your size, weight, and more.
? Lose weight. Speaking of weight, losing it is a great way to deal with pain resulting from flat feet.

Additionally, you can get a foot lift with flat foot surgery to help correct the problem.