Flat feet are a very common condition. Typically, flat feet occur in young children when the arches do not develop. But also, flat feet can occur from an injury and age is likewise a cause.

How to Counter Flat Feet

So, what are flat feet? Well, over 3 million people suffer from this condition each and every year. Flat feet is its own namesake, a lack of arch in the feet. The condition causes the most or all of the entire soles to touch the floor or ground. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there are available treatments.

If you suffer from flat feet, you’re not out of options. You can actually do things to counter flat feet. Here are some effective ways to help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with flat feet:

  • Wear shoes with arches. While there are all kinds of footwear, not all are ideal for people with flat fee. For instance, flats, sandals, and even dress shoes might have little to no arch. That only compounds the problem. So, wear shoes with a wide toe box and with solid arch support.
  • Stretch your feet. You can help flat feet by doing simple stretches and calisthenics. But, you should consult your doctor about which are best for you.
  • Physical therapy is yet another way to counter flat feet. By working with a physical therapist, your feet can get the attention they need.

Also, simple over the counter pain relief medication can help you deal with flat feet. Be sure to talk with your doctor about what to take and how much.