How do shoes affect your feet? People don’t usually consider this question, that is until they experienced some significant level of discomfort or outright pain. Others holy think about it when they develop hey foot condition. Read on to learn more about how shoes affect your feet.

How shoes affect your feet range from providing comfort, negatively impacting your natural gait. That’s right, your shoes can actually serve to modify how you otherwise naturally walk — but that’s not all.

Shoes have evolved into a part of people’s overall sense of fashion. They come in all shapes and sizes and in many varieties, with several different functions. Some are for recreation, others for athletic purposes, some purely for dress, and yet others for certain types of medical foot conditions.

If you wear the wrong types of shoes, these will adversely affect your feet sooner or later. For instance, wearing high heels can put undue strain on the balls of your feet, while wearing flats, helps to flatten the arch. Of course, neither of these are good things.

Additionally, wearing shoes with small toe boxes could cause problems with pressing your toes too close together, resulting in a number of possible conditions, such as hammertoe. Tight toe boxes can also serve to manifest such conditions as ingrown toenail or cause such a condition to be more uncomfortable and painful.

Furthermore, wearing the wrong shoes can cause people to roll their feet outward or inward, causing a number of uncomfortable conditions over a long period of time.

As you can see, choose most definitely affect your feet in a number of ways.