How Long will It take to Recover from Ankle Surgery?

How long will it take to recover from ankle surgery? That’s a good question and unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast answer. However, there are some common parameters we can look at to answer that very question. In general, it takes about 6 to 10 weeks to recover from ankle surgery. But, this depends on many, many factors.

A broken ankle or an ankle fracture occurs when one or more of the bones inside the ankle joint are broken. These fractures can easily range from very simple and small to big breaks, making them much more complex. As you might imagine, the more bones broken, the worse the condition and therefore the more in-depth the surgery and the longer the recovery time.

In any case, an experienced, licensed medical practitioner must piece together the damaged bones in order to restore them so the patient can resume normal use of their ankle.

Ankle surgery can involve many things. For instance, there are devices which might be used in ankle surgery. Plates, screws, nails, and rods are all common devices. And, whether or not these are involved, you need to know that every single case is different. Some patients report it took about a year to fully recover or feel normal again. When you are recovering, be sure to do the following:

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Elevate and apply ice consistently.
  • Stay involved with appropriate activities.
  • Always perform your daily physical therapy exercises.

Most of all, you must be patient with the recovery process because it takes time to properly heal.