How Diet affects Foot Health

When you think about your diet, do you think about your foot health? Probably not. Though, you should definitely know how diet affects foot health. That’s right, what you eat and drink don’t just impact your midsection or your hindquarters (lest we not forget about the arm flab and multiple chins). The fact of the matter is, your diet does affect your foot health in more than one way.

How Diet affects Foot Health

It’s important to understand how diet affects foot health since you’ll rely on those appendages for the rest of your life. What you eat, drink, and other lifestyle habits, all contribute or harm the health of your feet.

Think about it this way, if you have a poor diet, you’re putting undue strain on your heart and lungs. Now, because your feet are the further distance away from those two vital organs, what impact do you suppose it has?

You might already stay away from refined grains but if you don’t, you should know consuming these can easily cause foot inflammation. Trans fats are bad news but if you eat them, you’re also at risk for foot inflammation. And, it should come as no surprise the same thing goes for things like sugary treats and other junk food.

If you enjoy alcohol, that’s okay in limited moderation. But, if you drink too much, it’s going to have an impact on your entire body — feet included. Smoking is also bad news for the whole of your body. So, eat a good diet, exercise regularly and do your body and feet a huge favor. For help with any foot or ankle problems in the Houston area, please contact us.