High Heels are Not an Everyday Shoe

High heels look glamorous on the runway and in retail stores, adding to beauty and shape. But you pay a high price for wearing high heels, though many women still choose to slip them on, day after day. But the fact of the matter is — high heels are not an everyday shoe.

High Heels are Not an Everyday Shoe

There are good reasons to avoid wearing high heels. Other than the fact high heels are generally difficult to put on and make balancing difficult, such footwear wears on your feet in more ways than one.

Bunions are a common result of wearing shoes which are narrow, tight, and high heeled. As a result, more women suffer from bunions than men. A bunion is simply joint swelling which eventually turns red and sore. In some cases, surgery is needed to correct.

Foot pain comes from wearing different types of shoes but mostly those which are narrow, have a cramped toe box, heeled shoes, and even flats. The reasons are easy to understand — these shoes do not conform or support the natural shape and movement of the foot. A neuroma can form as the result — pain which feels like a pebble or a sharp object.

Muscle, joint, and spine pain all can result from wearing high heels. Here again, these are due to the fact high heels do not provide proper support and do not conform to the natural shape and function of your feet.