Foot surgery prevention tips begin and end with a very healthy dose of common sense. Now, there are things you can do to avoid foot surgery which is more practiced by professional athletes, but most aren’t things you haven’t heard at least once or twice before. Read on to learn more about the best foot surgery prevention tips.

Foot surgery prevention starts with understanding some of the basics about the human body.

First of all, the average person takes between five and seven thousand steps per day. That’s 5,000 to 7,000 steps each and every day, on average, for the vast majority of Americans. (Some people make it a goal to walk as many as 10,000 steps per day as part of a diet and/or exercise regimen.)

Also, the average American male weighs about 190+ pounds, while the average woman weighs 168 pounds.

That’s a lot of steps and weight for your feet to carry. So, here are some helpful foot surgery prevention tips you can use:

  1. Be sure to properly warm-up prior to any exercise.
  2. Take the time to carefully condition your muscles for any sport in which you enjoy — especially those on a regular basis.
  3. Wear the right shoes, all the time. Regardless of the occasion, your shoes should be appropriate for the activity. Wide toe boxes are preferable, while heals and flats should be avoided. Also, replace shoes when worn.
  4. Keep activities reasonable. Simply put, don’t overdo it. Don’t put too much stress on your feet.