Foot Care and Diabetes

Diabetes causes a buildup of glucose in the blood and pain generally starts in the feet. Restricted blood flow can lead to mild, to moderate, to severe conditions — even amputation. This is why foot care is so important for those with diabetes.

Foot Care and Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, your feet are great indicators of how well you’re treating the disease. In fact, good foot care is preventative care and helps to manage diabetes. And, if you have diabetes, you know how true this is.

Part of successfully managing diabetes is taking good care your feet. You need to wash and dry your feet daily. Rub lotion on your feet but do not moisturize between your toes. Be sure to check for ingrown toenails, blisters, corns, cuts, calluses and more.

It’s important to protect your feet, do not go barefoot and never exercise if you have cuts or open wounds on your feet. Always wear proper fitting shoes, with a closed, wide toe box. Be sure to sit with your legs uncrossed and never use a heating pad on your feet.

If you do develop any problems with your feet, see your podiatrist and do not self treat problems.