Foot arthritis types come in many different forms and can manifest in various ways. But, in the end, regardless of the type of foot arthritis, it’s necessary to seek the right treatment. Otherwise, it will worsen over the course of time. Of course, that’s something that no one would choose to experience. So, let’s take a look at the most prominent of foot arthritis.

Foot arthritis types come in a number of shapes and sizes. However, there are generally three kinds people tend to suffer from. Before we get into the three most common foot arthritis types, we’ll take a quick look at the condition itself.

Foot arthritis obviously occurs in the feet. But, it’s really no different than any other kind of arthritis. But, what exactly does this mean? Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints, affecting the tissues around said joints.

Symptoms of arthritis include such experiences as mild to moderate pain, swelling, and redness, a reduction in the range of motion, along with stiffness.

The most prevalent types of arthritis in the foot include the following:

1.Osteoarthritis. This typically manifests in the joint that connects the big toes to the foot. However, it’s also found in the area of the midfoot, as well as the ankle.
2.Rheumatoid arthritis. This condition generally affects both feet and occurs in the same joints in each foot.
3.Psoriatic arthritis. This form of foot arthritis usually first appears looking like plantar fasciitis. So, it’s very important to know what’s actually going on.