Can the Ankle Joint be Replaced?

Can the ankle joint be replaced? Yes, it can be replaced, although, this might not be the best option. When the ankle joint is damaged, there are different options your doctor will talk about. Generally, it’s most desirable to try nonsurgical treatments before jumping right to surgery but in other circumstances, surgery might be the best option.

Can the Ankle Joint be Replaced?

If you suffer from pain in your ankle, it’s best to see a doctor early on. Proactive measures can help you avoid further complications and pain. As you can imagine, the ankle gets a real workout each and every day. Considering the average person takes between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day, that’s a lot of pressure.

It’s normal over the course of time for the ankles and feet to suffer from wear and tear. But, it can reach a point when it’s simply too much.

The most common reasons for ankle surgery are osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition which cause the cartilage to deteriorate. Another cause is a bone injury, such as a fracture. Or, repeated trauma to the ankle, making surgery necessary to correct. In some instances, an infection, like septic arthritis and this severely damages the joint, making replacement a requirement.

It is important to understand that while an ankle joint replacement is an available procedure, it’s not necessary the only option. Your doctor will examine your foot and ankle to determine the best course of action. And, this might mean an ankle joint replacement is indeed needed.