The best shoes for jogging might not be the most expensive. But, that doesn’t mean inexpensive shoes are a go-to solution. The truth be told, the best shoes for jogging don’t come from a particular manufacturer. The best shoes for running are what works specifically for you. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best shoes for jogging.

The best jogging shoes, as stated above, aren’t made by a single manufacturer. Actually, what makes an ideal shoe from one maker may not work for another runner. Here’s what you need to find the right jogging shoes:

1. Cushioning. This should come as no surprise. Cushioning is essential to providing not only comfort but also, helps to alleviate or prevent pain when running. The right amount of cushioning will do wonders for your feet when jogging. 2.Flexibility. Any running shoe must provide a big range of flexibility. Shoes which aren’t flexible and too stiff will cause problems, no way around it.

3.Size. The right size shoe is perhaps the most important factor in picking the best pair. This includes a nicely sized toe box.

4.Arch. The arch is equally important to comfort, function, and more. Simply put, running shoes need a good arch for optimal comfort and performance.

Of course, it’s imperative to know your own gait, the nuances of your feet, and obviously, their ultimate purpose. After all, you need to understand these things in order to pick the right shoes for running. And, if you experience any adverse problems from your shoes, be sure to stop using them and try another for a better fit.