Ankle fusion is a medical solution to the problem of arthritis. Ankle fusion is an alternative for providing real relief from pain, but it’s not for everyone. However, ankle fusion is mostly for people who suffer from severe arthritis. 

When non-surgical methods fail to provide adequate relief from arthritis in the ankle, then ankle fusion just might be the answer. Read on to learn more about what you need to know about ankle fusion..

Arthritis of the ankle is not a common condition. In fact, it is not common whatsoever. Which means there are few remedies available for this painful condition. 

The majority of people suffering from ankle arthritis due to a traumatic event, resulting in injuries. These include fractures of the ankle and other adverse conditions. Fortunately, for most of the people who suffer from ankle fractures and like problems, these conditions can be effectively treated without surgery. Merely by going through simple treatment protocols can people deal effectively with their ankle conditions.

Who is a Candidate for Ankle Fusion? 

Basically, anyone who suffers a traumatic event to the ankle might be a candidate for ankle fusion. However, just because someone suffers trauma to their ankle doesn’t mean they’re automatically a candidate for ankle fusion.

Also, there is another type of treatment, known as ankle replacement. Here again, ankle replacement isn’t for everyone with ankle problems. Typically, ankle replacement is just that, a replacement of the ankle. So, for people who are and want to remain active, ankle fusion is the better choice. Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean ankle fusion guarantees a pain free, do anything fix.

How is Ankle Fusion Done?

There are many techniques for ankle fusion but all are designed to deliver much the same results. But, what all these different procedures is they have the same goal — to fuse the ankle joint permanently. Of course, this means doing so prevents the ankle joint from bending. But, that immobility is the entire point of going through the surgical procedure. 

Depending on your personal condition and health factors, your doctor might recommend one or more methods for surgically fusing your ankle. 

How Long does it Take to Recover from Ankle Fusion? 

Generally speaking, the recovery period for ankle fusion ranges from 8 to 12 weeks. During this time, you’ll have to stay off your ankle. Full recovery time, including wearing of a cast, can take 4 to 6 months.