Age Plays Havoc With One’s Feet

Age plays havoc with one’s feet. And, there’s simply no getting around this fact. As we age, many changes occur. These include not only maturity of mind but body. Of course, at some point, age begins to take its toll. The average person’s gait slows as muscles thin and bones become brittle. And, it extends right down to our feet.

Age Plays Havoc With One’s Feet

The average person takes about 6,000 to 7,000 steps per day. That’s certainly not a short distance. Consider this — a mile is 5,280 feet. So, you probably walk about 1 ¼ miles per day. Now, extrapolate that out to a week, month, and year. Therefore, 8.6 miles per week, 34.4 miles per month, and 412.8 miles per year.

Now, consider your age and it becomes immediately clear that your feet take a lot of stress. This means your feet take a real beating and need proper care. The good news is, it’s quite simple to keep your feet healthy.

Here are some simple ways to combat the effects of age on your feet:

  • Wear the right shoes all the time. When you do wear shoes, wear a pair with a wide toe box and plenty of support.
  • Give your feet some TLC. You should clean your feet when you bathe. But also, apply lotion regularly. And, take care of any problems immediately.
  • Stretch your feet daily. Just like every other part of your body, your feet need use and care. You should stretch your feet every day to keep them limber.