Ankle surgery recovery is a process that takes some time. But fortunately, is one that’s largely uneventful. (Meaning it’s relatively pain free and does not require too much effort to get through.) This is due to the fact that the convalescence period is a short one and only requires minimal care to recover from the procedure.

Ankle surgery generally means undergoing a fairly straightforward procedure, with a small incision for the doctor to work around the joint. The physician then performs the necessary procedures to either repair or reposition various parts. Usually, the recovery time ranges from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of surgery and the severity of your condition.

During the recovery time, you may or may not be required to be fitted with a cast. Or, you might have to wear another device, which depends on your previous issues and the type of surgery. Overall, it will take approximately 4 to 6 months to go through the full recovery phase.

As you spend time in surgical recovery, you’ll do so in your own home. During this timeframe, you’ll need to get plenty of rest, staying off your ankle as much as possible. (You can also nap.) But, do not put pressure on your ankle, even though you can be mobile. Also, eat a healthy diet to help you recover faster and feel better at large. Most importantly, you should always follow your doctor’s directions and advice as closely as possible. Doing all these things will help you recover quicker and with better results.