What is Athlete’s Foot?

What is athlete’s foot? This is a common question to a very common condition. In fact, it’s so pervasive, there are over 3 million cases per year. This is because athlete’s foot is a fungal infection. Therefore, it spreads easily. And, it might go untreated for some time because the person who has it simply doesn’t identify it for what it truly is. This is due to the fact that athlete’s foot starts small and spreads. It’s usually only after persistent problems the person recognizes what it actually is. By that time, the condition is spread to others.

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot occurs when someone is exposed to a fungus. It starts in a small area of the foot, usually between the outside pinky toe and the fourth toe. It appears in the form of a scaly-like rash. Symptoms such as itching, stinging, and a burning sensation manifest thereafter. It’s also quite common for the skin between the toes to be moist and raw.

Athlete’s foot is most common among people who share the same space who also groom together in some way or another — hence the name. It’s actually the spread of the ringworm fungus, which is carried over floors, spread through towels, shoes, and more. Therefore, it’s commonly found in locker rooms, gyms, around pools and saunas.

Athlete’s Foot Treatments

Most often, athlete’s foot is treated with antifungal medications. This are applied topically, right over the infected surface. Additionally, athlete’s foot is treated by soaking the feet in warm, antibacterial soap and other foot care.