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Archive for March 2019

Driving after Ankle Fusion

Driving after Ankle Fusion Driving after ankle fusion is something that’s different for practically everyone who undergoes the procedure. Generally, it takes about eight to twelve weeks to rest after ankle fusion surgery. Then, patients typically wear a cast or a boot, depending in the circumstances. Altogether, it can take as little as four months…

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About Ankle Fusion

About Ankle Fusion Ankle fusion recovery is a process that takes time. Fortunately, the average period for returning to normal (or as normal as possible), does not last all that long. This procedure is not always a necessary step, but in some instances, it is the only real way to get results. So, let’s take…

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Ankle Fusion What You Need to Know

Ankle fusion is a medical solution to the problem of arthritis. Ankle fusion is an alternative for providing real relief from pain, but it’s not for everyone. However, ankle fusion is mostly for people who suffer from severe arthritis.  When non-surgical methods fail to provide adequate relief from arthritis in the ankle, then ankle fusion…

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